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Want to buy a mattress topper? You should pay attention to this!

Topdekmatras kopen? Hier moet je op letten!

Are you going to buy a mattress topper ? Then there are a few things you should pay attention to. The material, for example, but of course also the dimensions. Always make sure that the mattress fits the way you want to use it. Solo Home gives you all the information you need in this blog! If you buy a mattress topper , you can easily add a lot of comfort to your bed. Because a good mattress is nice, but with a topper it will be even better to sleep! And it can also be the other way around: is your mattress no longer so nice? Too hard or too soft? Or perhaps too hot or too cold? Then you can give your old mattress a real boost with a comfortable mattress topper . How do you do that? We will explain it to you!

Where can I buy mattress toppers?

At Solo Home of course! We have a huge range of toppers . We offer a nice mattress topper for every size mattress. This way you can be sure that you will always succeed and find the ideal topper for your bed! Whether you sleep in a narrow single bed or a king-size bed or perhaps an extra-long bed: we have the right size mattress topper in stock for you.

What is a mattress topper?

Good question: what exactly is a mattress topper ? And what is the difference with a topper, mattress topper or mattress overlay? Well, nothing at all! It's all the same product, it just has a bunch of different names. A mattress topper is simply a thin mattress that you place on top of your regular mattress. This makes you a lot more comfortable and gives you extra support. And even better? You extend the life of your mattress! Because you do not lie directly on the mattress, it wears out much less quickly and does not become dirty. Ideal!

Cheap refresher for your mattress

If you are going to buy a mattress topper , it is a lot cheaper than a whole new mattress . But you will achieve a nice comfortable and supportive result! Ideal if your budget is not that big, but if you sleep like a princess and a pea every night. You know the drill, right? Your mattress is just too old, causing lumps or springs protruding. Or you are just too warm or too cold. Not hard enough, or not soft enough. In short: you are not feeling well. And that affects your night's sleep. And you don't want that! Because who doesn't want to sleep like a baby every night? With a mattress topper you can solve that problem very easily and cheaply. But how do you know which mattress you should get? We will explain it to you!

Do you sleep too hard or too soft?

Do you sleep on a sofa bed or a regular sofa? Then a hybrid mattress topper is the perfect solution. This has two different materials: hard and somewhat softer. This means that you always get the right support and therefore always sleep well. This way you can transform your old sofa bed into a wonderfully comfortable bed! Do you want a harder mattress? Then you can buy a top mattress made of cold foam . The material is nice and sturdy and provides good support. Would you like to sleep a little softer? Then go for memory foam . That is also slightly warmer than cold foam. Cold foam ventilates better, for example if you sweat a lot at night. Whatever sleeping preference you have: at Solo Home we have the mattress topper that suits it perfectly. And all covers are removable and washable. Also not unimportant! This way you can keep your bed hygienic and you also have extra protection against dust mites, for example.


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