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Safe and comfortable travel with small dogs: the importance of car seats for our beloved four-legged friends

Veilig en comfortabel op pad met kleine honden: het belang van autozitjes voor onze geliefde viervoeters

In this blog we answer some frequently asked questions about the use of car seats for dogs. We discuss the benefits of a dog seat and how you can best transport your dog. We also explain why dogs pant in the car and whether it is mandatory to transport your dog in a car seat.

When to use a car seat for the dog?

A car seat for your dog is recommended if you regularly travel with your dog in the car. Whether you choose a dog basket in the back seat or a dog basket for the car, a good seat offers comfort and safety for your four-legged friend during the journey.

Benefits of a car seat for the dog.

There are several benefits to using a dog seat in the car. Some advantages are:

  1. Safety: a dog car seat keeps your dog in place.
  2. Comfort: a dog basket car provides a comfortable place for your dog to sit or lie down during the journey.
  3. Hygiene: with a dog basket car seat, your car stays cleaner because hair and dirt are limited to the basket.

Is a car seat for the dog mandatory?

Although a car seat for your dog is not legally required, it is recommended. In some countries it is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash or in a crate, so it is always good to check local regulations.

Why do dogs pant in the car?

Dogs can pant in the car for a variety of reasons. This may be related to excitement, stress, or heat. Always ensure there is sufficient ventilation and a comfortable dog seat in the car to minimize panting.

How to transport dog in car?

The best way to transport your dog is in a specially designed dog basket car or dog seat for the car. Choose a seat that suits the size of your dog and the available space in your car.

Where to put a dog basket in the car?

Place the dog basket car backseat or dog basket car seat in a place where your dog has sufficient space and can sit or lie stably. This is usually in the back seat, depending on the size and type of your car.

Do I have to keep my dog ​​on a leash in the car?

Although it is not legally required, it is recommended to keep your dog on a leash in the car. This provides extra safety and prevents your dog from moving through the car while driving. Many dog ​​seats for the car are equipped with a seat belt or attachment point for leashing your dog. This is especially important for small dogs, who may have more difficulty keeping themselves stable while driving.

Using a dog basket in the back seat or a dog seat in the car is an excellent way to transport your dog, especially small dogs, safely and comfortably. Although not required by law, it offers many benefits in terms of safety, comfort and hygiene. Make sure you choose a dog seat that fits your dog and your car, and take into account local regulations regarding transporting pets. This way you ensure that both you and your dog can enjoy a relaxing and safe car journey, regardless of your age or experience on the road.


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