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Renew your bed with the right topper

Vernieuw je bed met de juiste topper

Renew your bed with the right topper

If the mattress on your bed has seen its best days, you will notice this in the sleeping comfort. A mattress where you feel the metal springs through when you lie on it is certainly not pleasant. If you sleep on a bad mattress, this will affect your night's sleep. Many people are reluctant to replace the mattress. After all, it is a major purchase, a new mattress. And the old one must be disposed of. Therefore, renew your bed with the right topper. Not all municipalities still collect bulky waste from their homes. So that means renting a trailer or looking kindly at someone who wants to take the old mattress to the dump for you. But there is also another solution: Give your mattress and your bed a new life with atopper .

Different types of

A topper is made of special material so that it adapts seamlessly to your body and posture during your sleep. You can choose from three types:

 The cold foam topper contains a filling of technologically advanced material. Contrary to what the name suggests, this mattress is not 'cold' but wonderfully comfortable in all seasons. It provides a firmer feeling and therefore optimally supports your body, and especially your back.

 The memory foam mattress topper is made of memory foam. You are assured of a good night's sleep, because the topper reduces the pressure on the body. It feels wonderfully soft. This way you ensure that you wake up rested and fit after a few hours of sleep. Ideal if you have to do heavy physical work every day or if you need to be able to concentrate well.

 The hybrid topper , made of polyether and memory foam in a ratio of 3:2. This combination provides optimal support for your back and vertebrae during a night's sleep. You can also take this mattress with you in the caravan or camper when you go out. This way you can sleep well during your holiday and come home rested.

Sleep healthier

If you upgrade your bed with a topper, you will notice that you sleep much better. Because your body is optimally supported by the mattress and you lie comfortably, you will rest well and you will not wake up the next morning with the feeling that you have not slept at all. If you demand a lot from your body and mind during the day, it is important to get a good night's sleep at night. And a comfortable topper can certainly help with that.

When to replace?

A top mattress lasts for many years, but will of course need to be replaced over time. Like everything you buy, a mattress topper is also subject to wear and tear. If you feel like you are no longer sleeping comfortably on your mattress topper, it may be time to replace it. But it is still a lot cheaper than replacing a regular mattress. And when you discard a mattress topper, you generate much less waste than a regular mattress. So if you look at it this way, toppers are also better for the environment, because they ensure less waste.

sharp prices

The price of a comfortable and high-quality topper will positively surprise you. You can buy such a mattress for a very competitive price at Solo Home. Once you have found the top mattress of your choice, simply select the correct size of your mattress and you will immediately see the corresponding price. You can of course order directly online and you will receive your new mattress topper within a few days. If you don't like it, which we don't expect of course, you can always return or exchange your ordered item if the hygiene seal is still intact.

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