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Find the coolest children's bed here!

Vind hier het stoerste kinderbed!

Looking for a cool children's bed? Go for a designer bunk bed!

Choosing a cool children's bed can be quite a challenge. In addition to that super cool look that your son or daughter will love, you also want a very comfortable and safe bed for your child. And how useful are space-saving beds? They can also be very tough.

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees: which bed is really suitable for my daughter or son? There is so much choice! In this blog we give you tips on what to pay attention to when choosing a bed for your child and we show you which super cool beds you can find at Solo Home, which are also practical and safe. So win-win!

Cool children's beds with print

How about a bed with a very cool print? Take a look at all our themed beds . There is certainly a bed that will make your children completely happy. These children's beds with prints of cool trains , fast cars , dangerous pirates , brave superheroes or a mysterious jungle make the transition from a crib to a 'real' bed very easy for your toddler! Are you looking for something even cooler? We even have beds in the shape of a police car . We bet your son or daughter is eager to go to bed every night? Sleeping becomes quite an experience!

Children's beds with underbed

Do you often have a guest to visit? Have you ever thought about a cool children's bed with an underbed ? During the day, this bed is nice and space-saving and if your child has a sleepover, you can easily slide a second bed underneath. The perfect solution if you don't have much space! We have different types of beds with underbeds, in all kinds of cool colors and designs. How about a sofa bed with underbed ? The beds with cool prints can also be ordered as a bed with an underbed. The perfect bed for your son or daughter will certainly be among them!

Designer bunk beds

Do you have two children, but not much space? Then choose a bunk bed ! We also have this bed in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Wonderfully space-saving, because you don't have to put two beds next to each other in a room. And of course such a beautiful bunk bed is also very cool. Who wouldn't want to climb into their own bed and sleep high up?

For example, choose the designer bunk bed : this is also a very cool children's bed and turns every evening into a slumber party! The bed is available in all kinds of cool colors and its modern designer look makes it fit nicely into any interior. In addition to two beds, the bed also has a large pull-out drawer. This way you save even more space and you have enough storage space for all your children's belongings. Your child also sleeps very safely in this bed, because the raised edges prevent him/her from falling out of bed. This way you will immediately sleep a lot better!

Mattress supplied

All sturdy children's beds from Solo Home are supplied with an accompanying mattress and slatted base. This way you never have to look for matching parts again, but you receive everything in one handy package. And with a bunk bed you of course get not one, but two free mattresses!


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