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Why a pocket mattress sleeps so well!

Waarom een pocketmatras zo lekker slaapt!

Pocket mattress: wonderfully comfortable sleep

A pocket mattress : many people swear by it. And that is not surprising, because these mattresses are wonderfully comfortable. In this blog we tell you everything about this material for mattresses. Because how come you sleep so well on it? Read it here!

The pocket mattress has been the most sold in the Netherlands for years. Pocket spring is a material that is very often used for mattresses, but not everyone knows what it is. We are going to change that right now! Because only when you know what pocket springs are and why it is such a nice material to sleep on, you can make a good choice for your ideal mattress.

What are pocket mattresses?

Actually it's very easy. Pocket spring mattresses are filled with steel springs that are individually packaged in a kind of bag. Those are the pockets. Because they are in bags, the springs can easily adapt to your body. And that sleeps really well! Because that makes the mattress very comfortable. It adapts to your posture and ensures that your spine is always straight. That provides a lot of support and therefore: no aches and pains! This way you can fall asleep comfortably every night, regardless of the position you are in.

The mattress adapts

The pockets ensure that each spring can adapt to the pressure exerted on it independently of all other springs. The bag also ensures that the springs do not get mixed up when the mattress bends. A foam rubber edge is placed around the entire package with pockets and springs, so that the pockets are held together. And whether you like to sleep on your stomach, on your back or on your side: you always feel the support of the mattress. The pocket spring mattress offers the best support with every movement you make. And the following applies: the more springs per square meter, the more comfortable the mattress.

Disadvantages of pocket springs

A pocket mattress has many advantages, you just read that. However, such a mattress is of course not suitable for everyone. Because everyone sleeps differently! It is better not to go for a mattress with pocket springs if you are very sensitive to dust. Because even though this material ventilates very well, more dust enters the mattress than with other materials. Not that bad in itself, but not that pleasant if you are oversensitive to this. In places where hygiene is most important, for example in hospitals, they often choose mattresses made of a different type of material.

A pocket mattress also has so-called transition zones: the zones of the mattress do not gradually merge into each other. It is therefore important that the zones of the mattress approximately correspond to your body shape.

Which mattress suits you?

Of course, there are many different types of mattresses with pocket springs. You can combine them with memory foam or, for example, with cold foam . That is why it is important to look carefully at which type of mattress suits your way of sleeping. At Solo Home you will certainly find the perfect mattress for you!


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