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Why a topper is a good sleep hack

Waarom een topper een goede slaaphack is

Why a topper is a good sleep hack?!

Amattress topper ensures that you can sleep more comfortably . Especially if your mattress is getting older and is no longer comfortable, a topper can ensure that you can turn it into a comfortable bed again. Many hotels also use a topper to ensure that their guests sleep comfortably. If you're having trouble falling asleep, a problem that many people experience, it's a good idea to see if your bed might be part of the cause. A mattress does not last a lifetime and must be replaced after a number of years.

Sleep well

A good night's sleep is essential for everyone. If you consistently sleep too little, this will have an irrevocable impact on your performance at work or at school. That's why it's important to make sure you sleep on a good bed. By placing a topper on your mattress you provide considerably more comfort than if you only used a mattress. The mattress is of course still important, because without a good mattress you will not sleep well. In addition to the mattress and the topper, which is the absolute fact why a topper is a good sleeping hack, it is important to ventilate a bedroom well and to ensure that the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

A memory foam topper

In many cases, amattress topper is made of memory foam . Memory foam molds to your body and has a pressure-relieving effect on your body. This mattress consists of a combination of memory foam and fibers with Aloe Vera. This has a refreshing and comfortable effect on your body when you lie down on the mattress. Especially if your mattress is a bit older, it can be less comfortable when sleeping. You do not have to replace the old mattress, but a memory foam version will suffice. This way you can turn your old familiar bed into a comfortable place to sleep again without having to replace everything. That's why a topper is a good sleep hack.

Cold foam and combined polyether foam and memory foam

In addition to the memory foam variant, there are two other options that show why a topper is a good sleep hack. You can also choose one made of memory foam combined with polyether foam . This is a great solution for allergy sufferers. You can also opt for a cold foam mattress topper . This variant provides a firmer feeling and offers optimal support for your body, especially your back. This way you wake up rested every morning. A cold foam mattress or a combination topper of polyether foam and memory foam is also ideal for placing on an old mattress to upgrade your bed.

Which mattress topper should I choose?

Which variant you ultimately choose depends largely on your own personal preference. You can try out the different types and then decide which one is most comfortable for you. You don't have to worry about the price, because at Solo Home you can order quality for a very competitive price. In addition, we deliver your order as quickly as possible, you usually receive your order within a few days and delivered free of charge. A good solution for your sleep, that's why a topper is a good sleep hack.

The cleaning

You can easily clean a mattress topper because it has a removable cover that is washable. If a stain has appeared on your mattress, you can simply put the cover in the washing machine. Please read the washing instructions so that you wash and dry the cover correctly. This way you ensure that it lasts for many years and ensures you a well-deserved and healthy night's sleep all the while.

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