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Why every woman loves dressing tables

Waarom iedere vrouw van kaptafels houdt

Why every woman loves dressing tables

The beauty industry is happy with it. Did you know that the average woman uses as many as 16 beauty products? And that every day, for 55 minutes. Every woman wants to be beautiful in her own way and feel confident, a lot of time and money is spent on that. A dressing table is the icing on the cake in this ritual. Room for all your favorite products, and if you spend an hour working on your appearance every day, you might as well do it in comfort. Why is that dressing table so important? Here are the most important facts.

Centuries old

We won't bore you with an extensive history lesson. We'll stick to the important basics, promise. Women have been concerned with their appearance for many centuries. This includes Egyptian goddess Cleopatra, queen of 17th century France Marie Antoinette and vintage film star Greta Garbo. Even without social media feeds and #beauty, women wanted to be beautiful and be seen. To keep their best beauty secrets private, they stored their products in small boxes, which kept getting bigger. Ultimately, this led to the dressing table that you can now sit at.

Piece of furniture with a story

Still a bit of extra history. The dressing table as we know it is unique. This piece of furniture tells us a lot about the social activities, beauty routines and interior design trends of our ancestors over the centuries. Centuries ago, the dressing table also had a social function. Wealthy women invited their girlfriends to keep each other company during the hour-long opt-out ritual. Fortunately, you now have Instagram for that, so you can now perfect your looks in peace at your dressing table.

Film star

Moulin Rouge. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Eyes Wide Shut. Great films, with fantastic female leads. They have even more in common. The dressing table plays a major role in all these films. Not surprising, because as soon as a woman sits behind a dressing table she takes on a magical appearance, like a movie star. Even when films were still in black & white, the dressing table in the decor provided something extra. What woman doesn't want to feel like she's walked off a movie set?


Fashion trends have undergone major developments over the centuries. Intense Baroque, detailed Rococo and colorful Art Deco. The dressing table has had and survived them all. Looking for an antique or vintage copy? You can find them on Ebay or auction sites. Keep in mind that old dressing tables are quite expensive. Would you rather opt for a modern and timeless design? This neutral dressing table goes with everything and does not disrupt any living style. It's nice if you spend a lot of time on it. The price is also a lot friendlier.

Space gain

Many women will recognize it. Living in a tidy environment makes you happier. Your life is busy enough, so less is more in your home. This way you enjoy the things you have more. So get rid of everything you don't need. The dressing table fits well in a minimalist and modern interior. It helps you to keep your beauty products organized and neat. So if you have 16 or even more, no problem. Enough storage space. This way you don't have to deal with any mess, but you have everything at hand. This way you have more time and energy for your beauty ritual .


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