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What is the best mattress for you?

Wat is de beste matras voor jou?

What is the best mattress for you?

Finding the best mattress is quite a task. And if you are going to buy a new mattress, you naturally want the best mattress for you. Since you sleep on a mattress for a number of years, it must be good, but also somewhat affordable. In short; how do you find the best mattress for yourself?

When is a mattress a good mattress?

Whether a mattress is good depends on its quality. When is a mattress a good quality product? There are a number of things that determine quality. In any case, it must provide your body with sufficient support and provide support at the right points. Your spine recovers during the night. That is why it is important that it lies in a naturally upright position.

Your body should be able to lean on the mattress and the mattress should help and support your body. But that's not all! A good mattress has ventilating capacity. You lose a lot of moisture at night and that moisture absorbs into your mattress. If the mattress does not have good air circulation, it is a fantastic breeding ground for mold. So make sure you purchase a mattress with good air circulation. But how do you know whether a mattress has good air circulation and provides your body with sufficient support? That depends on the material your mattress is made of.

How do you choose the best mattress?

Ultimately, almost everything comes down to the materials used. There are quite a few different types of materials and nowadays many combinations of materials are made. To choose the best mattress, you need to know which mattresses are available and what material they are made of. You can roughly distinguish between mattresses made of springs, foam and latex. Mattresses made of feathers.


Mattresses made from Bonell innerspring have a base of springs. These springs are made of steel wire and they are connected to each other. There is often a layer of foam surrounding these feathers. The quality of these mattresses depends on the number of springs per square meter, the number of turns of the spring and the thickness of the steel wire.

There is a lot of air circulation possible in these mattresses, which means they ventilate well. They are mattresses that last a relatively long time, for a good price. The Evergreen innerspring mattress is highly recommended. This mattress has a familiar, firm quality and has an antibacterial cover.

Pocket suspension

Mattresses made of pocket springs also have a base of springs made of steel wire. These feathers are not connected to each other, but are placed separately in a bag. So they move individually and the bags ensure that the feathers do not get tangled together. There is often a layer of foam surrounding these feathers. Pocket spring mattresses have good ventilation.

The quality of these mattresses depends on the number of springs per square meter, the number of turns of the spring and the thickness of the steel wire. The thicker the wire, the more counter pressure the spring provides. Zones are created by installing thicker and thinner springs in a mattress. This ensures that there is less pressure on the shoulders. These zones are also called comfort zones. Comfort zones cannot be created in a mattress with Bonell springs, because the springs are connected to each other. But zones can be created in a pocket spring mattress. The Pocket spring mattress Life is a mattress with 7 zones. The pocket spring is sensitive and adapts immediately when you make a movement. This mattress offers good support and wonderful comfort for a good price.

Foam mattresses

In addition to mattresses with springs, there are also mattresses made of foam . And here too, different types can be distinguished. The quality depends on the amount of material and the type of material used to make the foam.

Cold foam

Cold foam or HR foam is a resilient foam with an open cell structure. This means that a lot of air flow is possible in this foam. This is an excellent material for your mattress, but there is a big difference in quality. If you want to buy a cold foam mattress, make sure you buy from a company that you know has good quality.

Memory foam

Memory foam or Memory foam is a foam that reduces pressure on the body. It molds to your body due to the pressure and heat that comes from your body. Although Cold Foam is very resilient, Memory Foam reacts very slowly. When you get up you see that your mattress still needs to get back into shape. This is a suitable material if you experience a lot of pressure on your body or like a soft mattress.

Latex mattresses

There are also mattresses made of Latex. Latex is a natural material, but the latex for mattresses is often a combination of natural material with synthetic material. This actually improves quality, because latex does not naturally ventilate well. This can be remedied by various techniques and Latex can still be a very good material to use for a mattress.

The quality therefore depends on the composition of the material. Latex is a springy material that reduces pressure and feels wonderfully comfortable. However, a latex-only mattress does not support your body sufficiently. The Relax Latex mattress is highly recommended . This mattress has the best of two mattresses in one! It is a luxurious mattress with a base of pocket springs with 7 zones. This makes this mattress excellent support for your back. On top of that is a layer of latex of 3 centimeters. This layer takes the pressure off your shoulders, hips and knees and gives you a comfortable feeling. The cover protects against bacteria for an extra fresh feeling. In our opinion, this mattress is the very best choice for people who only want the very best mattress for themselves.

Solo Home helps you!

Because choosing the best mattress is quite a task, we at Perfectmatras help you make a choice. We have used our expertise to develop a mattress for every phase of life and need. Would you like to know which mattress we have selected for your life stage? You will find an overview on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.


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