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What is the ideal seat height of an armchair?

Wat is de ideale zithoogte van een fauteuil?

Most people like to sit in a chair where they can easily put their feet on the floor. But for some people, such as those who are taller than average, this may mean bending their knees to sit in their chair. In this article we discuss what the ideal seat height of an armchair is and what you should pay attention to when purchasing a new chair, so that you can always sit comfortably and relax in it from now on.

What is an armchair?

An armchair is a chair with armrests and a high backrest. The word comes from the Frankish word for 'folding chair' . Another word for armchair is 'armchair' or 'lazy chair'. Nowadays there are many single-seater sofas and lounge chairs , these are also popularly called armchairs.

What factors play a role in the ideal seat height?

When purchasing a new armchair, it is important to take the seat height into account. The ideal seat height of an armchair depends on various factors, such as your body height, the length of your legs and the height of your back and of course your personal preference. It is therefore important that you consider in advance who usually sits in the chair.

Determine the height

To sit as comfortably as possible, your knees should be at a 90 degree angle. Your thighs should rest on the seat and your feet should be flat on the floor.

What are the consequences of a seat height that is too high or too low?

If your seat height is too high or too low, this can have negative consequences for your body. An armchair is for comfort and should help you relax. You don't want to associate your armchair with pain, fatigue, or other discomfort.

Too high

If you sit too high, it can cause your legs to droop. This causes pinching of the veins and increases the risk of sleeping legs. It also makes your legs more tired. People whose feet do not touch the ground often get wobbly feet and can no longer sit still; This can be annoying, especially for a housemate...

There is also a chance that you will sit more forward in order to reach the ground with your feet. Your back will then receive less support from the backrest.

It is not always the case that a higher seat height makes getting up easier. Because your feet cannot touch the ground, you have to apply extra pressure with your arms to get out of the chair. When you stand up, there can also be increased pressure on your ankles and feet, which can cause you to sink through your ankles. It is better to choose a lower seat height.

Too low

If your legs are not resting on the seat, this ensures that the pressure is distributed over a smaller surface. This means your legs can rest less; relaxing becomes more difficult.

Getting out of a low seat height can put more pressure on the knees. This is because the angle in your knees is less than 90 degrees. Getting out of your chair then looks more like a fitness exercise. It is better to choose a higher seat height.

What else should you look at when choosing an armchair ?

When choosing an armchair, it is therefore important to look at the seat height. In addition, in addition to color and design, other comfort features are important. The seat depth determines whether the support in your back is optimal. The seating angle in some chairs can be adjusted so that you can switch between active and relaxation. The correct arm height relieves the burden on your shoulders and prevents a painful neck and back. The type of fabric and the correct hardness depend mainly on personal preference.


The ideal seat height of an armchair depends on various factors, such as the length of your legs and the type of chair. In general you can say that the ideal seat height is approximately 40 to 47 cm. Make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle. If you are short, go for a lower seat height. When you grow up you aim for something higher . You will find various armchairs on our website


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