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What is a pocket spring mattress?

Wat is een pocketveringmatras?

What is pocket springs?

What actually is pocket springs? It is a material that is very often used for mattresses, but not everyone knows what it is. Time to change that! We explain to you what pocket springs are, which sleepers it is suitable for and what type of pocket spring mattresses you have. Are you reading along?

Finding the perfect mattress is not easy. Because how do you find that one mattress that really suits your way of sleeping? There are so many materials to choose from! Of course you have memory foam and cold foam , but in this blog we will talk about pocket springs. What exactly is pocket springs ?

What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is a mattress filled with steel springs. These feathers are packed separately in bags (the pockets). Such a bag ensures that each spring can adapt to the pressure exerted on it independently of all other springs. The bag also ensures that the springs do not get mixed up when the mattress bends. A foam rubber edge is placed around the entire package with pockets and springs, so that the pockets are held together.

Sleep comfortably

The result of all those bags and feathers? A very comfortable mattress! It gives you a lot of support, especially because the springs are all packed separately. This means that they can all adapt independently to your body. This way you always have the best support, no matter which way you lie. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, this mattress simply adapts to you and ensures that your spine always remains straight.

When you lie down, you immediately feel that support from your head to your toes. And we can assure you: it is really wonderful. A pocket spring mattress offers you the very best support with every move you make. The mattress embraces you! This way you can fall asleep easily and sleep comfortably all night long. The following applies: the more springs per square meter, the more comfortable the mattress.

Disadvantages of pocket springs

Of course, a pocket spring mattress is not suitable for everyone. The pocket mattress has been the most sold in the Netherlands for years, but there are also some disadvantages to this mattress material. We list the most important disadvantages here!

You will never find pocket spring mattresses in hospitals, because even though this material ventilates very well, more dust gets into the mattress than with other materials. Not so bad if you are not sensitive to it, but in places where hygiene is very important, it is better to choose a different mattress.

A pocket spring mattress also has transition zones. This means that from one centimeter to the next a new zone begins. They do not gradually merge into each other, as with a cold foam or memory foam mattress. These zones must therefore correspond exactly to your physique!

Does pocket spring suit you?

Now you know what pocket springs are. Does it suit your way of sleeping? Then take a quick look at Solo Home's large collection of pocket spring mattresses and choose yours.


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