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What is the best mattress topper?

Wat is het beste topmatras?

How do you choose the best mattress topper ? A mattress that breathes new life into your mattress and that you can also lie on? We list all types of top mattresses for you, so that you can always make a good choice! Easy, right? Top mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. And the best part is? You can go to Solo Home for all these different types. Our collection is enormous! So whatever size mattress you have or what requirements you have in terms of hardness or temperature: with us you will find the top mattress that suits you perfectly. We promise you that! Because a good night's sleep is simply extremely important. If there is one little thing wrong with your mattress, you will sleep less well. Just think of a mattress that is too hot for you? Or too cold? Shivering or sweating in bed is certainly not good for your night's sleep! But the comfort of a mattress also has to do with how hard or soft it is. Some people like a fluffy and soft mattress that they can sink into completely. Other people opt for extra support and a firm mattress. And then we haven't even talked about mattresses that are actually too old and worn out. You feel the springs pricking your back, or irritating cracks appear. In short: a mattress that is just not comfortable will not make you happy!

The best top mattresses

The solution? A top mattress ! You can of course also buy a new mattress , but why wouldn't you go for the cheaper option? With a mattress topper you have all the comfort of a new mattress, but for a fraction of the price. Is your mattress really old, worn out or sagging? Then it might be smarter to buy a new mattress . But you can easily solve small defects with a topper. This way you will never sleep like a princess and the pea again! But first of all: what exactly is a mattress topper ? Well, very easy. A thin mattress of 5 to 10 centimeters thick that you can place on top of your mattress. The result? Lots of comfort and support in just a few seconds! What if that isn't magic? Not only will you sleep much more comfortably, but you will also ensure that your mattress lasts much longer. Because you do not sleep directly on the mattress, but on the topper, your mattress does not wear out as quickly and does not become dirty. Also useful: a top mattress is much easier to turn over than a heavy and large mattress!

The best mattress toppers for different sleepers

There is a top mattress for every sleeper. Really and truly! There is so much choice at Solo Home that we dare to promise that. Whether you like hard or soft, warm or cold and whatever size mattress you have: we will find the perfect match. Do you often feel cold in bed? Then you want a mattress topper that is nice and warm. For example, a topper made of memory foam ! Are you looking for a cooler mattress? Then go for the well-ventilated cold foam . Great if you sweat a lot at night, for example. Is your mattress just a bit too hard? Then choose a topper that makes your mattress nice and soft again. Memory foam is perfect for that! You sink comfortably into this mattress, but your body weight is always distributed exactly over the mattress. Cold foam is somewhat firmer than memory foam and well suited for sleepers who have a mattress that is just too soft. This topper provides excellent support and is great for people who suffer from joint pain. Do you sleep on a couch or sofa bed? Then a hybrid version is the best mattress topper . This is made of a combination of soft and sturdy material, so you always have the right support.


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