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What suits me better? Cold foam or memory foam?

Wat past beter bij mij? Koudschuim of traagschuim?

Discover your perfect mattress: what is better, cold foam or memory foam?

How do you choose between cold foam or memory foam for your mattress? Then it is first of all nice to know what exactly the differences are between these two foam materials for mattresses. Only then can you properly assess which material suits you best. Also take a look at our page with different mattresses.

Mattresses made of foam can be found everywhere these days. Logically, because the material is very durable and not too expensive. But what exactly are the differences between cold foam and memory foam? To do this, we first look at the way in which the different foam materials are made.

How is a cold foam or memory foam mattress made?

Cold foam mattresses are made of polyurethane. These mattresses do not feel cold, as the name might suggest. They get their name from the method of production: the foam is poured into cold molds. These mattresses are also called High Resilience (HR) foam (high resistance/resilience).

Memory foam is made from viscoelastic polyurethane. This type of foam has many different names. Memory foam, slow motion foam or lazy foam: all different terms for memory foam. The nicest name is perhaps NASA foam. Did you know that this material was originally developed for space travel? The foam has a pressure-relieving effect: ideal during a rocket launch! Memory foam is so called because the material – when you press it – very slowly returns to its original shape. This means that a memory foam mattress hugs your body when you lie on it. Great for if you suffer from joint pain or just want a little more support!

Differences between cold foam and memory foam

Cold foam and memory foam are made of different materials, but there are even more differences. For example, cold foam feels a bit harder than memory foam. Because memory foam molds to your body through a combination of body heat and body weight, this is a nice and soft mattress to lie on. The pressure of your body is also evenly distributed by this mattress. Cold foam is a somewhat firmer material and therefore more resilient than memory foam, even if the mattress becomes warmer when someone is sleeping on it. Memory foam mattresses then become a bit softer, because the foam makes a mold of the sleeper, as it were. The advantage? That sleeper will then not suffer from pressure points.

Hot or cold mattress?

There are also differences in the field of ventilation and moisture regulation. If you want to choose between cold foam or memory foam, you must take into account that cold foam ventilates better. This is because the foam does not deform under the influence of body weight. The foam has an irregular, open cell structure, which makes the material very breathable and transports moisture well. The cold foam mattress is therefore cooler and feels less clammy. Memory foam actually has a high degree of thermal insulation and therefore feels warmer.

Support and dimpling

Memory foam supports the body well while lying down. With a cold foam mattress, on the other hand, you are less likely to lie in a hole. The material is very resilient, and therefore very comfortable. In addition, a cold foam mattress has a long lifespan.


An important characteristic to pay attention to with cold foam mattresses is the density. This determines the quality of the material. A density higher than 35 kg/m³ ensures high quality. You can say: the higher the density, the better the quality. This is indicated on mattresses as the HR value, where the figure corresponds to the density in kilograms per cubic meter. Our mattresses have an HR value of 45 or 50. This is very high . HR foam is also flame-retardant and sometimes also flame-extinguishing.

Who are the mattresses suitable for?

Cold foam or memory foam : both mattress types have their advantages. Do you suffer from joint complaints? Then it is best to choose a mattress with memory foam. Your body pressure is well distributed. Are you someone who sweats a lot at night? Then a cold foam mattress is perfect for you. The main advantage of this type of material is that it ventilates very well. That keeps your bed nice and cool at night! Cold foam mattresses are also very suitable if you are a bit heavier. Due to the stiffness of the material, this mattress offers you a lot of support and there is little chance that holes will form.

So: do you choose cold foam H3 , cold foam H4, cold foam HR50 or memory foam ? Solo Home offers a wide range of mattresses of both types. Discover our collection of cold foam and memory foam mattresses and order your perfect mattress at Solo Home! Take a quick look to see if there is a nice mattress for you!

Do you still need a pillow?

Then take a look at a memory foam pillow. This is ideal for people who are looking for a pillow that adapts to the contours of their head and neck, giving them the perfect support while they sleep. Memory foam pillows are especially beneficial for those who often wake up with neck pain or other related complaints, as the pillow helps reduce pressure on sensitive areas.

In addition to memory foam pillows, cold foam pillows are also available. These pillows provide firm and resilient support, ideal for people who prefer a harder pillow. Cold foam pillows also have excellent ventilation properties, keeping them cooler on warm nights.

Unfortunately, we do not sell pillows at Solo Home. Fortunately, you can find various memory foam pillows or cold foam pillows on !


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