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What are the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress?

Wat zijn de nadelen van een traagschuimmatras?

The disadvantages of a memory foam mattress

In this blog we discuss the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress . And naming them is still quite difficult, because there are few disadvantages to a good memory foam mattress. However, this comfortable and pressure-relieving material is not suitable for all sleepers. If you prefer a very firm mattress or are often warm at night, it is better to choose a different material.

Let's start at the beginning. Because what exactly is memory foam? And which sleepers have the best night's sleep on a mattress made of this material? We will explain this to you first in this blog.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a very firm type of foam. The name 'memory foam' has to do with the fact that the foam very slowly returns to its own shape after it has been pressed. The mattress therefore encloses your body, as it were, when you lie on it! The material was originally used in space travel because it has a pressure-relieving effect. Very useful during a rocket launch of course, because it absorbs the body pressure in the cabin! The material is therefore also called NASA foam. Another name for memory foam is memory foam, because it takes a while for the foam to return to its original shape. This can take 0.5 to 5 seconds.

What can be the disadvantages of memory foam?

A memory foam mattress should suit the way you sleep. Possible disadvantages of memory foam may be that this mattress has an open cell structure. This means that it does not ventilate as well as, for example, a cold foam mattress. This sometimes makes the mattress feel warm. Not very useful if you sweat a lot at night or are always hot in bed. And because the material responds to heat, a memory foam mattress can sometimes feel a bit harder in a cold bedroom. It will then take a while before the mattress has adapted to your body heat and becomes nice and soft again. And are you a tosser or tosser in bed? Then a memory foam mattress is probably not the best choice for you. In addition, a memory foam mattress is very soft. But of course you have to like that. Do you prefer hard mattresses? Then it is better to choose a cold foam mattress .

Pressure-relieving mattress

In addition to the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress, there are also many advantages! A memory foam mattress is wonderfully soft and comfortable! If you like a soft bed, you can dream away on this nice bouncy mattress. This is because the material adapts to your body weight. It molds itself to your body, so to speak. And that has even more advantages: the mattress also works to reduce pressure. Ideal if you suffer from joint or back pain! You will not suffer from pressure points with this soft mattress.

Mattress for all seasons

Now that you know the pros and cons of memory foam, you can choose a mattress that really suits you and your body. Solo Home has reversible memory foam mattresses with wonderfully warm memory foam on one side and ventilated and cool comfort foam on the other side. This way you have a perfect mattress for all seasons! No more shivering in winter and sweating in summer is also a thing of the past. What else do you want?

Looking for a new pillow?

Consider a memory foam pillow. This effortlessly adapts to the shape of your head and neck, providing optimal support during the night. Ideal for people who suffer from neck pain or similar complaints, because the pillow helps relieve pressure on sensitive areas.

At Solo Home we currently have no pillows in our range. But don't worry, at you will find a wide selection of memory foam pillows !


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