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Which children's bunk bed do you choose?

Welk kinderstapelbed kies jij?

Bunk bed for children: which one do you like best?

A bunk bed for children is ideal if you have a smaller home, but a large family. Then you can stack! Not only fun for your kids, but also super practical. A bunk bed saves a lot of space, but which bunk bed should you choose? Solo Home highlights the best options for you.

Is your family growing, but your living space not? That can be very inconvenient. Unless you buy a bunk bed ! With a bunk bed you can offer all children a nice and private place to sleep. And what could be more adventurous than a super cute bunk bed? You are happy and your children are happy. Solo Home has a wide range of bunk beds. For two people, but also for three or four. With extra storage space and a beautiful design.

Bunk beds for children: choose design!

With a designer bunk bed, every night becomes a slumber party. Due to the sleek designer look, this bunk bed fits into any interior. And you can choose which one you like best! Do you like sleek and white ? Or perhaps you prefer a nice color for your children? If you really like a modern look, choose the Design series. A real eye-catcher in the children's room.

Extra storage space

The advantage of a bunk bed for children is that it saves space. Great if you don't live that big, or for example in a holiday home. Do you want to save even more space? Then choose a bunk bed with a pull-out drawer under the bottom bed. Here you can store all the clothes, toys or shoes that would otherwise just be lying around the room. This way you have extra space to play! You save cupboard space, which also makes the room look a lot bigger.

Bunk bed for 3 people

When you think of a bunk bed for children, you naturally think of two children who can sleep together in one bed. But did you know that there are also bunk beds for three or even four people? At first glance, a triple bunk bed looks the same as a double bunk bed. And that's handy, because it doesn't take up more space than a bed for two children. But if you look closely, you'll see that there's an extra trundle bed hidden under the lowest bed! You can easily pull out that bed in the evening. The third child lies comfortably on it. In the morning you can just as easily slide the bed back in, so that you have enough walking space.

Bunk bed for 4 people

And we go one step further! There are even bunk beds for four people ! Absolutely perfect if many children have to sleep in one room. Or maybe you would like to be able to sleep next to your children if necessary. This way you can all lie together comfortably! The bottom bed of the four-person bunk bed is 120 centimeters wide, so suitable for two people. Above that is number three. The bottom bunk also has a trundle bed with enough room for sleeper number four.

Including mattress

All bunk beds are supplied including mattresses. So you don't have to worry about that anymore! Now all you have to do is choose which bed suits your family best.


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