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Which mattress suits me?

Welk matras past bij mij?

Which mattress suits me?

You have decided to buy a new mattress . But which mattress is right for you? There are many different types of mattresses for sale. And that doesn't make choosing a mattress very easy. What should you pay attention to if you want to know which mattress suits you?

What will you use the mattress for?

Everyone is different and every person has different needs. Of course, the choice of a new mattress depends on your personal needs and preferences. The first thing you should ask yourself is what you are going to use the mattress for. How do you use it? That thing is for sleeping on! Yes that's right. Indeed, most people buy a mattress because they want to sleep on it or at least lie on it. Most people will buy a mattress to put on their bed and sleep on at home. Sometimes people buy a mattress to put on a guest bed or for the children. Some people buy a mattress to sleep on during a festival or on vacation in a tent. For example, one of our customers once bought a mattress to place on her hanging bed in her garden. The purpose of use therefore does matter if you want to know which mattress suits you.

What are your physical needs?

Another point to pay attention to when choosing a mattress is your body weight and height. Tall people generally have more problems with their backs and will need to buy a mattress that supports their back well. If you have a heavier body weight, you need a firmer mattress to support your body sufficiently. If you have a lighter body weight, a firm mattress is more likely to feel harder, because your body exerts less pressure on a mattress . That is why you can choose a slightly softer mattress. So if you buy a mattress for your child, you will have to make a different choice than if you are an adult man weighing two meters and a hundred kilos. If you want to know which mattress suits you, you have to think carefully about what needs your body has.

Do you have physical complaints or limitations?

This also includes thinking about any complaints you may have. Suppose you buy a mattress for your elderly mother who lies in bed all day, then you will have to look for a pressure-relieving mattress to prevent pressure points. If you have an injury, back pain or joint pain, you will have to take this into account when choosing a new mattress. For example, one of our customers has said that she suffers from rheumatism. She had a wonderfully comfortable mattress that kept her still all night. As a result, she could hardly get out of bed the next day because her joints were so stiff. In her case it was important that she chose a less comfortable mattress, so that she kept turning all night.

Check the dimensions of your bed.

Then there is another important point; the measurements. It may sound obvious, but your mattress must fit your bed! So you need to measure what size bed base you have before you choose which mattress suits you. If you plan to buy a mattress to place in your tent, measure the tent and take the height into account. A mattress that is too large in a tent that is too small is not a success. If you are tall, you may need to choose an appropriately sized mattress. There are mattresses of 210cm or even 220cm. So grab your measuring tape and make sure you choose the right size mattress.

How do you know which mattress suits you?

Once you have thought about all these points, you can start thinking about the type of mattress that suits you. There are many different types of mattresses. And if you fully immerse yourself in the world of mattresses, you will understand a little more about it and you can choose which mattress suits you. But you have better things to do than spend days researching mattresses, right?

Solo Home makes it easier for you!

We have used our expertise to make mattress shopping easier! Perfectmatras has developed a mattress for every stage of life. How handy is that!?

A very suitable mattress for children or people with a very low body weight is the Foam Mattress Rookie © . This is a mattress made of Skycell foam, which immediately adapts to your body. Because this mattress is affordable, it is also very suitable as a mattress for a tent or on a bed in your garden.

Are you looking for a mattress for an adult? Then thePocket Spring Mattress Life © is a very suitable mattress. This mattress has a core of pocket springs surrounded by a layer of foam for nice comfort. This mattress has 7 zones. These zones ensure that the pressure is well distributed over your body. This is a good mattress for people who are active during the day and want to wake up fit in the morning.

A classic mattress is theBonell Mattress Evergreen © . This is a mattress with a firm, trusted quality. A suitable mattress for adults who like a firm mattress or for people who perspire more than average. Thanks to the inner spring, this mattress has optimal ventilation, so it does not get too hot at night.

The Latex Mattress Relax © is a mattress suitable for people who suffer from complaints or people with more body weight. The core of the mattress is made of pocket springs with 7 zones. One outside of the mattress is made of latex and the other side of polyurethane foam. This allows you to choose what you like most. This mattress has optimal support for your body and is very comfortable. This mattress is also suitable for people who only want the best for themselves or for people who are looking for luxury.


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