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Which mattress suits you best?

Welk matras past het best bij jou?

Which mattress is best to buy?

Are you looking for a new mattress ? Then of course you want to know which mattress is best to buy. Good news, because Solo Home is the right place for that question! We can easily show you which mattresses are available and which mattress suits you and your way of sleeping best. We have listed it all for you. Sounds good, right?

First of all, the bad news: there is no clear answer to the question 'which mattress is best to buy?'. That's because there simply isn't one best choice for mattresses. Which mattress is the best varies greatly from person to person. Mattresses have all kinds of properties, which sometimes suit you and sometimes not. If you know what type of sleeper you are, you can easily find out which mattress suits you best. Do you like a firm mattress? Or a very soft bed? Do you get warm quickly at night or are you really cold? Do you think support is the most important? Or maybe comfort?

Which mattresses can I buy?

To make it very easy for you, we have listed the best-selling mattresses for you. Including the pros and cons. This way you can easily see which mattress suits you best and which one is the best choice for you! We show you the characteristics of cold foam, memory foam and pocket springs. These are the three most common materials for mattresses. You will find all three in our extensive range!

Pocket spring mattress

Do you want extra support? Then a pocket spring mattress is perfect for you. The springs of this mattress are all individually wrapped, so they can move independently of each other. This means that each feather adapts individually to your body. And we can tell you that you sleep wonderfully! This mattress ensures that your spine remains straight, no matter what position you lie in. The mattress also feels nice and bouncy because of all the springs.

Memory foam mattress

This mattress is made of foam. It is also called NASA foam or memory foam. The latter name comes from the fact that an imprint of your body always remains in the foam for a while. Very slowly the foam returns to its original shape! The foam therefore encloses you, as it were, when you lie on it. And that feels wonderfully soft and comfortable. This also provides good support, because your weight is evenly distributed over the mattress. So no problems with pressure points! A memory foam mattress is a bit warmer than, for example, a cold foam mattress.

Cold foam mattress

While a memory foam mattress feels very soft, a cold foam mattress is a bit firmer. You don't just push this material in. Ideal if you like a little more support. Cold foam is also perfect for heavier sleepers. You don't have to worry about holes forming and you always have the right support. Cold foam is also very ventilated. Ideal for warm summer nights, or if you sweat a lot at night, for example.

Which mattress are you going to buy?

Do you already know which mattress you are going to buy? Whatever material you choose, you will always find the perfect match with us. And don't you want to buy a whole new mattress? Then go for the budget solution and choose a winner! This way you can still sleep comfortably, but for a very nice price.


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