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Which spring mattress suits you best?

Welk springveren matras past het best bij jou?

Spring mattress: what options are there?

With a spring mattress you can be sure that you will sleep wonderfully! Because all those springs give you the ultimate support during your sleep. But what options are there if you want to buy a mattress with springs? Solo Home lists them for you. A spring mattress consists of all metal springs. These feathers have a special shape: they are narrower in the middle than at the top and bottom. All those springs together ensure that the mattress offers resistance when you lie on it. And you feel that resistance again in the form of support. This means that you never sink too deeply into the mattress or lie too hard: the springs adapt perfectly to your body. Wonderful, right?

Various spring mattresses

There are many different types of spring mattresses . The best-known two types are the pocket spring mattress and the innerspring mattress . Two mattress types that look very similar at first glance, but still have a number of differences. The similarity of course lies in the good support provided by all those springs. Both mattresses are super comfortable. But with a pocket spring mattress, the springs are all individually packed in small bags. As a result, the mattress creaks less than an innerspring mattress and is also even more comfortable. With an innerspring mattress, the springs are connected to each other by a coil spring. The big advantage of this type of spring mattress is the price. You get a wonderfully comfortable mattress for a very affordable price.

Pocket spring mattresses

Solo Home has various types of pocket spring mattresses in its range. There are mattresses that combine the advantages of pocket springs with a top layer of foam. This way you have the best of both worlds in one mattress! A spring mattress with a top layer of cold foam ensures that you lie wonderfully soft and that your body remains in the right position all night long. The cold foam also makes this mattress very resilient and keeps your bed nice and cool, because cold foam is so ventilated. The bouncy feeling of the pocket springs provides the ultimate sleeping experience! You can also combine a pocket spring mattress with memory foam . The pocket springs make the mattress very supportive and the memory foam ensures that you lie wonderfully soft. Ideal for if you suffer a lot from your joints, for example. The memory foam adapts to your body, making you lie softer than on, for example, cold foam. Memory foam is also nice and warm due to the closed cell structure. Great if you often feel cold at night!

Innerspring mattresses

Solo Home innerspring mattresses are available in many different sizes. Whether you have a single or double bed, or perhaps a double bed: with us you will certainly find the spring mattress you are looking for. You will also find the perfect mattress for extra long mattress sizes with us. For single beds there are sizes 80 and 90 centimeters wide and length sizes 190 and 200 centimeters. The large mattresses are 120 centimeters wide. For double beds there are options of 140 , 160 or 180 centimeters wide. But of course you can also place two single mattresses next to each other!


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