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Do you want to buy a toddler bed? You should pay attention to this!

Wil je een peuterbed kopen? Hier moet je op letten!

Sleep is extremely important for children. It is not only important that they wake up well rested on school days, but also on weekends it is nice when they can sleep in a nice bed. But buying a new toddler bed can still be quite complicated. Your child should not only like the bed, but they should also sleep well. What should you pay attention to and what is important? You can read all about it in this blog! Your child starts and ends the day in bed. Then it is important that you are sure that it is a nice bed to sleep in, right? And for a child it is also super important that it is a nice and cool bed . The bedroom is a place where your child spends a lot of time, so a cool bed is a must! In our extensive range you will always find a bed that suits your needs and those of your child! But what should you pay attention to when buying a toddler bed ? We explain.

Want to buy a toddler bed? Pay attention to the size!

The most important thing about a bed is its dimensions. A bed must fit well in the room where it will be placed. A bed that is too large in a small room creates a cramped feeling, making it impossible for you to relax in that room. And that also applies to your child of course! Fortunately , toddler beds are smaller than adult beds. This is not only nice if you have a small room, but it also leaves space to play. That is very important for children! Speaking of a small space: we also include a number of toddler beds in our range that incorporate drawers. This way you need less cupboard space, which is ideal for a small room! We also have something special in store for children who are fans of slumber parties. We have beds from which a second bed can be slid out! Without taking up extra space, because when the bed is folded, the mattress simply sits under the mattress your child sleeps on. When a boyfriend or girlfriend is staying the night, you no longer have to drag around a mattress! And if your son or daughter is not doing well, you can easily spend the night in your child's room.

Theme beds especially for your children

Imagine a bed with a theme that your child will be completely excited about! With a bit of luck, your child will want to go to bed early every night to sleep in this cool bed. We have different types of themes, such as a jungle theme . Not only are there a lot of cozy animals on this bed, but the entire bed is also painted in a matching green color. But we have many more types of themed toddler beds in our range, with all kinds of colors and images. We even have beds in the shape of racing cars , for when your child really wants to become a racing driver when he grows up! In our extensive range you will have no trouble finding a bed that matches what you want in terms of dimensions and themes. And your child will also be a fan of a cool themed bed! But then you have to buy a mattress to go with the bed and so the costs slowly pile up. But luckily we have a solution for that!

Free mattress with a toddler bed

When you buy a toddler bed from us, you get a free mattress. This means you no longer have to look for a suitable children's mattress, because we ensure that you get the right mattress for the bed. This way you can be sure that your child can sleep well!


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