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Would you like to buy a complete children's room?

Wil jij graag een complete kinderkamer kopen?

Then you've come to the right place! It is not always easy to decorate a nice children's room. Not only is there a huge amount of choice, so you can hardly see the forest for the trees, but you also have to take the children into account. And they often have quite a few demands on the bedroom. But that is not surprising, because for children this is often the most important room in the house.

That is why it is smart to first consult with your child. What kind of room would they like it to be? Often a lot of options are eliminated, which makes it a lot easier to make a choice. What does your child find childish and what not? Do they have a style that they are really fans of? You can scroll through our offer together to see what makes them enthusiastic. We have listed some questions for you that can help you decide. Because ultimately, buying a children's room should be a fun job and not cause any extra stress!

Cool or cute: which nursery are you going to buy?

Let's address the most important question first. Whether you have a daughter or a son, the differences between cool and cute rooms are big. Now there won't be many boys who say they want a cute bedroom, but the difference between a cool room and a 'normal' room is also good to discuss. Do they want a room full of color? We have bedroom series where our designers have worked with blue, yellow and orange accents. This gives the room a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. Or a room with lots of white accents? That immediately makes it feel a bit more mature. Of course you can also combine them! You can freshen up a room with many wood colors by adding a cheerfully colored carpet. There are so many choices that every child can find a style that suits what they want. And if there isn't one style that feels right, why not mix it up? As long as you like the end result, everything is fine. Buying a children's room doesn't have to be complicated!

What do your children think of a themed room?

For many teenagers this is probably too childish, but for younger children it is the end all be all. A themed room. We have a few for you! For example, we have a princess bed with candy pink accents and decorations. After a night's sleep in this bedroom, everyone immediately feels like a member of the royal family. Rest assured that this bedroom will lead to all kinds of slumber parties and sleepovers, because this room really steals the show. We also have cooler theme beds. How about a bed in the shape of a racing bed? With our Racing Bedroom you can immediately turn any room into a cool car garage. We also have all kinds of different car beds for your child to choose from, to make the bedroom completely perfect. Do you have a child who is a bit more adventurous? Then our Pirate Room is perfect for you. This series is the ultimate with a bed in the shape of a pirate ship, complete with flag, sail and even cannons on the side. You can be sure of one thing: having to go to bed early is no longer a problem with this cool room. And that's worth something, right? Buying interior for a children's room has never been easier!


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