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This is how you freshen up your bedroom!

Zo fris jij je slaapkamer op!

Pocket spring mattress: freshen up your bedroom!

Freshen up your bedroom with a pocket spring mattress! Because now that we suddenly have to spend a lot of time indoors, it is of course the perfect time to take care of your bedroom. And of course that also includes a new mattress! One of the most popular mattresses is the pocket spring mattress. What should you pay attention to when purchasing this mattress?

Time to give your bedroom a thorough overhaul! And where better to start than with your mattress? Because if there is one thing that is important for a good night's sleep, it is your mattress. Who wouldn't want that? A wonderful night's sleep and then wake up completely fresh and fruity to start your new day full of energy. And did you know that you sleep almost a third of your life? Solo Home therefore has many different types of mattresses in its range. This way you can be sure that there is one that suits you! One of the best-known mattress types is a pocket spring mattress .

Mattresses with pocket springs

These mattresses are sold very often. And that's not surprising, because they are wonderful! A pocket spring mattress consists of all steel springs. These are packed separately in pockets (small bags). All those feathers and bags are held together by a foam rubber edge. These pockets ensure that each spring can adjust independently. This means that when you lie down on the mattress, all the springs adapt individually to the pressure of your body. The result? A super comfortable bed! The bag also ensures that the springs do not get mixed up if the mattress dents, for example when you lie on it.

Lots of support

Did you know that many Dutch people suffer from back pain? With a comfortable mattress, that may be a thing of the past! A mattress with pocket springs is perfect for you if you want more support. Because you immediately feel it when you lie down on this wonderful mattress: all the springs move with you! From your head to your toes! And that is simply super comfortable, because you always have the best support. Whichever way you sleep: on your back, your stomach or your side. And if you lie comfortably without pain, you will also fall asleep more easily and enjoy a better night's sleep. The mattress embraces you!

A whole new bedroom!

And once you have your new mattress at home, you can quickly start working on the rest of your bedroom. This mattress fits on all types of beds, so choose the bed that you like best and that best suits your interior. And how about a new wardrobe? Or a lick of paint on the walls? This will immediately give your bedroom a whole new look! Perfect pastime if you don't know what to do this spring. At Solo Home you will find everything you need for a whole new bedroom. Choose just a new mattress or a total makeover. Have fun!


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