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This is how you choose a memory foam mattress topper

Zo kies je een matrastopper van traagschuim

Looking for some extra comfort? How about a memory foam mattress topper? A real boost for your current mattress at a fraction of the price of a new mattress. Sounds ideal, right? Solo Home has an extensive collection . We'll show you the benefits of memory foam! Do you already know the magic of a mattress topper? In just a few seconds your mattress will be comfortable and supportive again! And you don't even have to buy a new mattress for that. All you have to do is order a new mattress topper . Affordable and practical and we promise that you will sleep wonderfully in your bed again. A mattress topper is a thin mattress of about 5 to 10 centimeters that you place on top of your own mattress. For example, to add extra comfort and support. But did you know that your mattress with a topper also lasts much longer? You do not lie directly on the mattress, but on the top layer. This means that your mattress wears out much less quickly and, for example, it does not become dirty. Another additional advantage: a topper is much easier to turn than a heavy mattress. This way you never lie on one side for too long and your mattress stays nice and fresh. Toppers come in all shapes and sizes . Whatever size mattress you have: we have a memory foam mattress topper that fits it. And did you know that you can also place a double topper on two single mattresses ? Then you will finally no longer have that annoying gap between your mattresses and you can easily roll from one mattress to the other. Fine, right?

What are memory foam mattress toppers?

But what exactly is that: memory foam? This material is also sometimes called NASA foam. It was originally made for space travel. The material is very pressure-relieving. Handy during a rocket launch! Memory foam has even more fun names. How about memory foam, slow motion foam or lazy foam?

Benefits of memory foam

The foam is called this because the material very slowly returns to its own shape when it is pressed. So a print remains for a while! This also means that a memory foam mattress fits completely around your body when you lie on it. And that is very nice if you suffer from joint pain or just want a little more support. Also very nice: this makes the foam naturally super soft. As if you are being embraced by your mattress! Memory foam has even more advantages. It distributes your body pressure very well over the mattress. This way you always lie in the right position and sleep wonderfully comfortably! A disadvantage of memory foam may be that it ventilates less well than, for example, a cold foam mattress .

Nice and affordable: a memory foam topper

Buying a memory foam mattress can be quite expensive. But what about this very affordable solution? Buy a memory foam topper ! Much cheaper, but with the same great properties as the mattress. Very useful if you want to breathe new life into an old mattress. For example, are you lying too hard on your mattress? You can easily solve that problem with a memory foam mattress topper ! So sleep better, without hassle and without high costs. So don't throw away your old mattress or sofa just yet and breathe new life into it with a memory foam mattress topper ! These are all made from the best quality foam. Even better: they come packaged in a zip-off, washable cover. Very hygienic. The topper hides all the bumps, bumps and old springs that you normally feel on an old mattress. That sounds good, right?


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