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This is how you choose the best pocket spring mattress!

Zo kies je het beste pocketveringmatras!

Mattress with pocket springs: this is how you choose the right one

Looking for a mattress with pocket springs ? But with all that choice, can you no longer see the forest for the trees? Don't worry, we will give you a helping hand! We list for you which types of mattresses with pocket springs are available and what suits you best.

Do you want to find the perfect mattress with pocket springs that suits you and your body exactly? That is not that easy, because there is a lot of choice. Do you want one with memory foam or cold foam ? And what exactly is pocket springing? We will explain it to you.

What are mattresses with pocket springs?

Very simple: mattresses with pockets and springs. The mattress is filled with steel springs that are individually packed in pockets. These bags allow all the feathers to move separately from each other. This means that they can adapt very well to your body! A mattress with pocket springs is therefore very comfortable. It provides a lot of support, no matter how you lie. The mattress adapts to your posture and ensures that your spine is always straight. And you feel that immediately! This makes it easier to fall asleep and makes you feel wonderfully comfortable.

Pocket spring with cold foam

A mattress with pocket springs with a top layer of cold foam is a very good combination! The cold foam gives a wonderfully soft feeling and keeps your body in the right position all night long. And the open structure of the cold foam layer makes the mattress very resilient. In addition, cold foam keeps your bed nice and cool, because it is so ventilated. If you combine this with a pocket spring interior, you have the best of both worlds! The firmness of cold foam in combination with the bouncy feeling of the pocket springs.

Solo Home has the pocket spring mattress with cold foam in different variants. The Life pocket spring mattress is especially for sleepers up to 95 kilos. Do you weigh between 95 and 120 kilos? Then a pocket spring mattress with extra coconut fibers such as CocoLife is a good solution. The coconut fibers make the mattress very comfortable and offer even more support and cooling. This ensures that even if you weigh a little more, you still get enough support from your mattress. The result? No sore back and a wonderful night's sleep!

Pocket spring with memory foam

A mattress with pocket springs and memory foam is also a perfect combination of two great properties of mattresses. The pocket springs make the mattress nice and bouncy and supportive and the memory foam ensures that you lie on a wonderfully soft mattress. Ideal if you often suffer from joint pain! The top layer of memory foam makes you lie softer than, for example, on a top layer of cold foam. Because the foam adapts completely to your body, this top layer provides good support for your body and provides pressure relief from your shoulders, knees and hips. Memory foam is also nice and warm and soft due to the closed cell structure. Ideal if you often feel cold at night, but are looking for a mattress that ventilates well. The pocket springs take care of that! These types of mattresses are often used by people who have to lie in bed for long periods of time or have muscle or joint complaints, but also by athletes, for example.

Which mattress suits you?

Now that you know which pocket spring mattress suits you best, you can make a choice! In any case, there is enough choice at Solo Home to find that perfect mattress. Take a quick look at our range!


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