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This is how you find the best memory foam mattress!

Zo vind je het beste traagschuim matras!

What is the best memory foam mattress?

Of course, there are many different opinions about what the best memory foam mattress is. If you ask us, it is best to choose a memory foam mattress with two different layers. This results in a mattress that is suitable for all seasons. Useful!

What really is the best memory foam mattress depends entirely on your wishes. How do you prefer to sleep? What kind of mattress do you have the happiest dreams on? We will first explain to you what exactly a memory foam mattress is.

How are the best memory foam mattresses made?

Memory foam is made from a firm type of foam. The name 'memory foam' refers to the fact that the foam very slowly returns to its own shape after being pressed. This means that this foam provides wonderful support for your body when you lie down on the mattress. Memory foam was originally used in space travel. It is sometimes called NASA foam. The material reduces pressure: useful during a rocket launch!

Properties of memory foam

A memory foam mattress is wonderfully soft to lie on. This is because when you lie on it, the material conforms to your body due to your body heat and body weight. And the mattress is not only soft, but also distributes your body pressure very evenly over the mattress. This way you will never suffer from pressure points! The support this mattress provides is very pleasant if you suffer from joint pain. And do you often feel hot? A memory foam mattress ventilates less well than, for example, a cold foam mattress. But luckily we have a solution for that!

Memory foam mattress with two layers

Are you asking us what the best memory foam mattress is? Then we unanimously choose a memory foam mattress with two different layers. The mattresses have a layer of memory foam on one side and comfort foam on the other side. The result? A mattress for all seasons! Memory foam for the cold winter nights and comfort foam for the sultry summer nights. So you no longer have to choose, but simply have the best of both worlds in one affordable mattress.

Never too hot and never too cold again. The cold foam envelops your body and gives a wonderfully cozy feeling during the cold winter months. And you sink comfortably into this mattress, so you immediately feel less pressure on painful joints. So are you looking for some extra comfort and warmth in the winter months? Then you use this side of the mattress. This way you never have to look for an extra blanket or hot water bottle again. Shivering is a thing of the past! Do you want a cooler mattress in the summer? No problem, just turn your mattress over! Comfort foam ventilates optimally, making the mattress feel nice and cool. This way you will never sweat in bed again.

More than forty sizes

We sell the best memory foam mattress in more than 40 different sizes . This way you will always find a mattress that suits you perfectly. Whether you have a king, queen, queen size, or single bed, a four-season mattress is always within reach. Which mattress do you choose?

Are you considering a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows are known for their ability to mold to the specific shape of your head and neck, ensuring deep and restorative sleep. These pillows are a solution for those who often get up with neck discomfort, because they effectively relieve pressure points.

Although we do not have these pillows at Solo Home, offers a wide range of memory foam pillows.


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