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This is how you find the perfect bunk bed!

Zo vind je het perfecte stapelbed!

Bunk bed for your child: what should you pay attention to?

You are looking for a bunk bed for your child. Now is the perfect time for that! Make staying in a party and get started on the nursery. Because there's always something to do there, right? How about a practical bunk bed? You won't regret it, promise! We help you choose.

You are looking for a bunk bed for your child or children. In other words: a stacked bed. One child sleeps downstairs and the other upstairs. And that makes sleeping one big adventure for your kids! Living together in one room might even mean that you have a bedroom. This time we will tell you all the benefits of a bunk bed for your child, the different designs we have for you and how our beds are so reliable and safe.

Bunk bed for children: the advantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a bunk bed : you save a lot of space. You just go up! Very useful if you do not live in a large area or have a large family. With a bunk bed you make optimal use of the space. And it's always a party for the children! Because who wouldn't want to sleep in a bunk bed? They sleep with their brother or sister, but they also really have their own place in the bedroom: ideal! And that extra space? They can play there again. Or do homework.

Different designs

Did you know that there are many different types of bunk beds ? We have the bunk bed for your child in all colors, sizes and designs. Do you like a minimalist and sleek design? Great, because we have a nice bunk bed for that: Design Bunk Bed White. There is also a very handy storage drawer in here! And do you like sleek, but not white? Then you're in luck: this bunk bed is available in all kinds of nice colors. How about pink ? The Design Bunk Bed Life series is even more modern. You really get a special bed here!

Or how about a three or four person bunk bed? Really, it's possible! At first glance, a three-person bunk bed seems like an ordinary double bunk bed. But when you go to sleep, you can easily pull a third bed out from under the lowest bed! The pull-out bed can be pushed back in the morning. This way you still have all the space advantages of a normal bunk bed. And we're going one step further: there are also four-person bunk beds . Very nice if you want more children to sleep in one room. Or maybe you want the whole family in one bed? The bottom bed of this bunk bed is 120 centimeters wide: wide enough for two. Number three is above that and number four sleeps on the trundle bed. Super handy!

Reliable and safe

Our bunk beds are very reliable and safe. And also made sustainably. Fine, right? Because a bunk bed for your child must be able to take a beating, we understand that. There is scrambling and climbing here of course! That is why it is so important that the bed is solidly built. All beds are therefore built with environmentally friendly materials and solid pine and beech wood. The beds are made according to EU safety standards and tested by TÜV. Completely safe and reliable. And of course we include clear instructions so that you can assemble the bed super securely.


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