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This way you will find the very best double mattress!

Zo vind jij het allerbeste tweepersoons matras!

Double mattress: how do you choose the best one?

A double bed has a double mattress . But there are so many different shapes and sizes! How do you ever know which mattress suits you best? Don't worry, we will help you. Solo Home lists all the different mattresses for you. This way you can easily make the best choice.

Your double mattress is an important purchase. You sleep on the same mattress every night, so you want to be really comfortable. That's why you need a mattress that really suits you. A mattress that is completely tailored to your wishes and that provides perfect support for your body. But how are you ever supposed to choose between all those different mattresses? We have listed all the useful tips for you.

Double mattresses in all sizes and types

Double beds come in many different shapes. That's why mattresses too! Before you look at which mattress you need, you must first decide how big your bed will be. Do you have limited space and don't want such a wide bed? Then you can opt for a doubter . Just shy of a single bed and just shy of a double bed: the ideal in-between size. Nice and cozy with just the two of you!

Do you want a larger bed, but still save space? Then go for a bed that is 140 centimeters wide . You can comfortably sleep two people in there, but it doesn't take up too much space. Ideal for bedrooms that are not too large. The standard size for double beds is usually 160 centimeters . Do you really want to have all the space? Then go for the wonderfully spacious queen size , 180 centimeters wide. This way you can be completely sure that you always have enough space!

But then we also have to talk about the length measurements. Because there are also many options for that at Solo Home. A double mattress is 200 centimeters long as standard. Almost everyone fits in there! Is your bedroom a bit shorter or are you perhaps looking for a mattress for a holiday home or caravan? Then you can also find mattresses of 190 centimeters with us. And is your bed extra long? There are also mattresses of 210 or 220 centimeters . This way you can be sure that you will always find the mattress that exactly meets your needs.

Different materials

Okay, on to the materials. Because in addition to the size, the type of mattress is also very important. Every sleeper is different and that is why you can choose from different materials. Hard, soft, firm or bouncy: you will find it all at Solo Home.

A mattress with pocket springs is very comfortable and bouncy. The springs adapt to your body and always provide good support. The individually wrapped springs ensure that you sleep wonderfully!

Do you want a firmer mattress? Then choose a double mattress with cold foam . This material is ideal if you weigh a little more or if you like to lie a little harder. The mattress always gives you the ideal counter pressure and also absorbs a lot of moisture at night. Handy if you sweat a lot.

Our memory foam mattresses are ideal for all seasons. On this mattress you sleep nice and warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. It is a soft mattress that you can sink into comfortably. Thanks to the two sides, you can always choose whether you want to sleep warm or cool. Ideal!


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