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Perfect Home Shop is now Solo Home

This way you will find the perfect mattress for your doubter!

Zo vind jij het perfecte matras voor jouw twijfelaar!

The doubter: which mattress suits?

Do you have a doubter? Just not a single bed, but not a full double bed either. Then it can sometimes be difficult to find a good mattress for that. Not at Solo Home, fortunately! We'll show you all the options. Are you reading along?

A doubter is sometimes a bit difficult due to its different width. Because is it a single or a double bed? The doubter doesn't really know either. The good news is: you get to choose! Doubters are 120 centimeters wide. This means that you either have a lovely wide bed on your own, or that you can sleep comfortably for two.

Doubters: useful if you have little space

If your bedroom is not that large, but you want to be able to sleep in one bed for two people, then a double bed is the perfect solution. Additional advantage: you sleep nice and cozy and close to your partner. Fine, right? This space-saving solution used to be very popular among families with many children. This way, several brothers and sisters could sleep together in a smaller bed! But even now this bed saves a lot of space in a smaller room. The advantages of a large bed, without your bedroom becoming too cramped. Win win!

Mattresses for a doubter

A three-quarter bed is a real intermediate size in terms of bed. But there is still a lot of choice in mattresses for this bed. At Solo Home we not only have large bed mattresses of 120 centimeters wide (the standard size for a large bed), but also of 110 or 130 centimeters . This way you will always find the mattress that fits your bed perfectly! Even if, for example, you sleep in the caravan or camper and need a custom-made mattress. You'll find it all at Solo Home! Whether you need a short (190 centimeters), standard (200 centimeters) or extra long (210 centimeters or even 220 ) mattress.

Mattresses of different materials

We also have mattresses made of all kinds of different materials for doubters. What suits you best? We have hard mattresses, soft mattresses, extra bouncy mattresses and mattresses for sleepers who weigh a little more. Mattresses for those who suffer from joint pain or for those who get hot quickly at night. For the real sweaters and for the cold ones.

A mattress with pocket springs is nice and bouncy. Thanks to the individually wrapped springs, this material adapts completely to your body. This way you can lie comfortably all night long and have the best support. Your muscles relax and you sleep like a baby!

Do you choose cold foam ? Then you have an extra firm mattress. Ideal for if you are a bit heavier or if you just want a lot of support while you sleep. The cold foam always gives you exactly the right amount of counter pressure and is available in different hardnesses. A cold foam mattress also absorbs a lot of moisture at night. So it's nice if you sweat a lot during your sleep.

But of course you can also opt for memory foam . This molds to your body and provides a warm and cozy feeling. This mattress is wonderfully soft! We have also come up with something for the warmer summers: turn the memory foam mattress over and you will lie nice and cool on a layer of comfort foam. The perfect solution!


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